How Many Cloth Pads Do I Need?

By , May 21, 2009 1:00 am

Some women use the same number of reusable cloth pads as they would disposables, but some end up needing to change them more often. Everyone is different. If you’re new to it, try using the same amount and just see how it goes.

To figure out how many cloth pads you will need, add up the number of disposable pads you use for one day of your period.  If you don’t plan on washing your pads until the end of your cycle, you will need that many pads times the number of days in your cycle.  If you plan to wash more often–I recommend washing every 2 days–you won’t need as many.  Ideally, you should start with at least 10-12 to get through 2 days without washing.

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